Specific Funds
   34.001   Police Department accident report account
   34.002   Cumulative capital development fund
   34.003   Firearms training fund
   34.004   Local road and street fund
   34.005   Police pension fund
   34.006   Promotion fund
   34.007   Motor vehicle highway fund
   34.008   Build Indiana Thoroughfare Construction fund
   34.009   Economic Development Commission gift fund
   34.010   Police Department incident report fund
   34.011   Clerk's record perpetuation fund
   34.012   Criminal investigation fund
   34.013   Equipment replacement fund
   34.014   Continuation of other funds
   34.015   Cash change fund for Town court
   34.016   Park and recreation capital improvement fund
   34.017   Christmas light fund
   34.018   Police D.A.R.E. fund
   34.019   Petty cash fund for Fire Territory
   34.020   Street sidewalk materials account
   34.021   Special vehicle inspection fund
   34.022   Unsafe Building Fund
   34.023   Rainy Day Fund
   34.024   Police Department Gift Fund
   34.025   Cash change fund for Park Board
   34.026   Petty cash fund for Park Board
   34.027   Donation Non-Reverting Fund
   34.028   Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund
   34.029   Motor Vehicle Highway Restricted Sub-Fund
   34.030   ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
   34.031   Local Income Tax Public Safety Fund
Fire Department Service Charge Account
   34.035   Establishment
   34.036   Fees; collection
   34.037   Retention of funds
Law Enforcement Aid Fund
   34.050   Establishment; purpose
   35.051   Administration and appropriation
   34.052   Withdrawals
   34.053   Receipts
Environmental Issues Fund
   34.065   Establishment
   34.066   Purpose; donations
   34.067   Retention of funds
Brownsburg Park and Recreation
Non-Reverting Operating Funds
   34.075   Establishment
   34.076   Purpose
Administration of Funds
   34.080   Expenses permitted to be paid in advance
   34.081   Itemized claim required
   34.082   Role of Council
   34.095   Purchasing agency
   34.096   Designation of purchasing agents
   34.097   Supplies manufactured in United States
   34.098   Purchases under small purchase policies or rules - purchases under fifty thousand dollars ($50,000)
   34.099   Purchasing procedures
Public Bidding Process for Public
Construction and/or Purchases
   34.110   Bidding process
   34.111   Receipt of bids by other Boards/Commissions
   34.112   Ratification of bids under prior law
Internal Control Standards
   34.120   Internal Control Standards adopted
Materiality Threshold
   34.130   Establishment of materiality policy
   Employee Vending Machine Fund, see § 37.20