(A)   Creation and administration. There is created a Criminal Investigation Fund to be held, administered and expended by the Chief of Police without appropriation in accordance with the provisions, limitations and conditions of this section. The monies deposited in the Criminal Investigation Fund shall not be commingled with nor shall they be a part of the general funds of the Town.
   (B)   Source of funds. The source of funds to be deposited in the Criminal Investigation Fund shall be both funds from the public sale of seized property sold in accordance with the provisions of I.C. 34-24-1-3 and funds derived from the sale of seized property disposed of in accordance with the United States Department of Justice policy. Any funds from either of these two (2) sources paid into the general fund shall immediately be paid over and deposited in the Criminal Investigation Fund by the Clerk-Treasurer. Pursuant to I.C. 34-24-1-1, the Police Department may seize vehicles or other property under circumstances specified in I.C. 34-24-1-2.
   (C)   Authorized expenditures. Authorized expenditures from the Criminal Investigation Fund shall be utilized solely for law enforcement purposes and may include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following:
      (1)   Purchase of vehicles and equipment needed for law enforcement functions.
      (2)   Purchase of weapons and protective equipment.
      (3)   Purchase of investigative communications equipment.
      (4)   Payment of unbudgeted salaries and overtime for law enforcement officers.
      (5)   Purchase of automated data processing (ADP) equipment and software to be used in support of law enforcement purposes.
      (6)   Payment of expenses for training law enforcement personnel.
      (7)   Payment of expenses for travel and salaries for law enforcement personnel.
      (8)   Use as reward money or expenses of running a “sting” operation.
      (9)   Money used to make “buys” in connection with anticipated arrests.
      (10)    Costs associated with construction, expansion, improvement or operation of detention facilities.
      (11)    Costs associated with public education on drug awareness, alcohol abuse or other issues related to prevention of illegal or criminal activity.
   (D)   Expenditure limitations; Chief of Police authority. Expenditures from the Criminal Investigation Fund shall be made only by the Chief of Police or, in his absence, the designated officer acting as the Chief of Police, under authority and pursuant to limitations as may be granted and imposed by the Board of Police Commissioners. The authority and limitation may, but shall not be limited to the following:
      (1)   The dollar amount of law enforcement expenditures which may be made without prior approval by the Board of Police Commissioners.
      (2)   Fidelity bond requirements.
      (3)   Depository or depositories of the criminal investigation fund.
      (4)   Types and amounts of interest-bearing and/or non-interest-bearing investments.
      (5)   Reporting requirements by the Chief of Police on the monies received and expenditures made from the Criminal Investigation Fund, which reports must be made at least annually.
   (E)   No reversion of monies to the general fund. There shall be no reversion of the Criminal Investigation Fund or any monies paid into the Criminal Investigation Fund to the general fund. Funds from the sale of seized property may accumulate in the Criminal Investigation Fund. The Criminal Investigation Fund is to be used exclusively for law enforcement purposes, but is not intended to supplement the normal law enforcement resources of the Town budgeted for basic operational expenses of the Police Department.
(`92 Code, § 2-282) (Ord. 95-30, passed 8-24-95)