(A)   Motor vehicle inspections by police. A regular member of the Police Department may, on demand, inspect a motor vehicle and shall make a record of the inspection upon the application form prepared by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and shall verify the facts set out in the application. (`92 Code, § 4-142)
   (B)   Police Department special inspection; fund and fees. There is established, pursuant to I.C. 9-29-4-2, as amended, an account to be designated as the Police Department Special Vehicle Inspection Fund Account. An inspection fee of five dollars ($5) shall be assessed for each motor vehicle inspected, which inspection fees shall be deposited in the special vehicle inspection fund established and controlled by the Clerk-Treasurer. Inspection fees shall be remitted to the Clerk-Treasurer at least once each week.
(`92 Code, § 4-143)
   (C)   Expenditures. The special vehicle inspection fund may only be expended, after appropriation, for law enforcement purposes. All expenditures from the fund shall be processed, appropriated, claimed, and allowed in the same manner as other claims of the Town.
(`92 Code, § 4-144)
(Ord. 88-41, passed 12-8-88)
   Police Department incident report fund, see § 34.010
Editor’s note:
   I.C. 9-29-4-2 was repealed by P.L. 198-2016, sec. 559