For all projects or purchases that require the use of a bidding process for which the Council will be responsible and/or designated as the public body to consider and award and/or reject the bids, the following procedure shall be followed, in addition to any other legal requirements that may apply to the bid process, including, but not limited to the provisions of I.C. 36-1-12 et seq. as it relates to public construction projects and I.C. 5-22 et seq. as it relates to purchases of supplies, including equipment, goods and materials:
   (A)   At least one week prior to the submission to the newspapers of a legal notice for the invitation to submit bids, the attorney for the Town shall receive a copy of the bid specification requirements and a copy of the notice to be used for publication for review and comment.
   (B)   All bid notices shall require that sealed bids shall be received at the office of the Clerk- Treasurer or the office of the Town Manager, as designated in the published notice advertising the bid process. All bids received must be in a sealed envelope. Bids will be logged in by the date and time received by the Clerk-Treasurer’s office or the Town Manager’s office as applicable and shall remain sealed until the public bid opening as set forth in the published notice. Any bids received after the designated time and date will be returned unopened.
   (C)   Sealed bids that are timely received will be opened in public by the appropriate Town representative as designated by the Town Manager for the specific project. The public opening of the bids will occur on the date and at the time designated in the notice and the bidder’s name and bid amount will be announced. All bids will be subject to review for legal and technical compliance following the bid opening. The Town Manager shall maintain the original bids and provide copies to staff, the project engineer and/or architect as appropriate, the Town Attorney, and/or other professionals engaged by the Town as consultants for the project for review as determined necessary by the Town Manager.
   (D)   After completion of the review process, the Town Manager will make a recommendation to the Council regarding the bids received, whether any bid should be awarded, and the determination of the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Any bid award shall be made by the Council at a public meeting.
(Res. 2013-05, passed 1-24-13)