(A) The Promotion Fund is established. The Town Council is authorized to budget and appropriate funds from the general fund or from other funds to pay the expenses incurred in promoting the betterment of the municipality.
   (B)   Expenditures from this fund may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:
      (1)   Membership dues in local, regional, state and national associations of a civic, educational or governmental nature, which have as their purpose the betterment and improvement of municipal operations.
      (2)   Direct expenses for travel, meals, and lodging in conjunction with municipal business or meetings or organizations to which the municipality belongs.
      (3)   Expenses incurred in the promotion of economic or industrial development for the municipality, including meeting room rental, decorations, meals and travel.
      (4)   Commemorative plaques, certificates, or objects such as commemorative keys.
      (5)   Other purposes which are deemed by the Town Council to directly relate to promotion or betterment of the Town.
      (6)   No expenses shall be allowed from this fund without prior authorization and approval of the President of the Town Council. Claims for expenses under this section shall be allowed as prescribed by law.
(`92 Code, § 2-276)