General Provisions
   154.001   Work on streets to be under supervision of Street Commissioner
   154.002   Requirements for construction of driveways, drive-ins, and the like
   154.003   Placement of obstructions restricted
   154.004   Closing of streets and sidewalks while undergoing repairs
   154.005   Encroachments, coal holes, and the like
   154.006   Projecting eaves
   154.007   Barb wire fences
   154.008   Where trees may be planted
   154.009   Maintenance of trees by property owners
   154.010   Utility companies; authority to remove obstructions; interference with power lines
   154.011   Same; poles supporting wires to be inspected by city, and deficiencies to be remedied by parties responsible
   154.012   Same; duty to furnish list of poles to city
   154.013   Prohibited accumulation of snow, ice, and debris on sidewalks; abatement by the city
   154.014   Prohibited acts
Curbs and Sidewalks
   154.025   Standards and specifications for connection, extension, repair, and maintenance
   154.026   City may set line of curbing along streets
   154.027   Sidewalks to conform to grade of street
   154.028   Grass plots in sidewalks situated in residential areas
   154.029   Paving and repair of sidewalks at expense of owners of abutting property; notices; collection of costs
   154.030   Driveways across sidewalks
   154.031   Animals and vehicles prohibited on sidewalks
Numbering of Buildings on Streets
   154.045   Assignment of numbers to properties abutting streets; map of street numbers
   154.046   Placement and maintenance of street numbers upon premises by owners of properties having buildings thereon
   154.047   Only assigned numbers to be used
   154.048   Tampering with street numbers prohibited
   154.060   Purposes for which permit required; public place
   154.061   Classes of applicants for permit
   154.062   Applications for permits
   154.063   Action on applications; granting permits; appeal to Common Council when denied
   154.064   Persons in first class may execute bonds; approval, terms, and conditions of bonds
   154.065   Bond required of public and private utility companies when acting by and through a contractor
   154.066   Deposits required of applicants in the second class; schedule of costs
   154.067   Purpose and application of deposits; restoration of surface by city when depositor fails to do so; determination of disputes between depositors and city
   154.068   Required precautions to protect persons and property
   154.069   Diligent prosecution of work and restoration of surface; supervision by Street Commissioner
   154.070   Certificate of approval
   154.071   Violations; forfeiture of deposits upon conviction of depositors
   154.072   Same; restoration work by city and action on bond in cases of violations by persons in the first class
Outdoor Advertising
   154.085   Purpose and finding
   154.086   Definitions
   154.087   General regulations for outdoor advertizing
   154.088   Exceptions to restrictions
   154.089   Jurisdiction
   154.999   Penalty