In General
   150.001   Fire limits established
   150.002   Construction of buildings within fire limits
   150.003   Moving of buildings over streets and public grounds
   150.004   Building Official; office established; Fire Chief ex-officio Building Official; acting Building Official
   150.005   Same; powers and duties generally; public records
   150.006   Same; right of entry
   150.007   Same; duty of other city officers to cooperate with
   150.008   Liability of violator to city for abatement of nuisances and the like
Building Code
   150.020   State Building Code adopted
   150.021   Adoption of state smoke detector requirements
   150.022   Creation of a Building Board of Appeals
   150.023   Building Code amendments
Minimum Housing Standards Code
   150.035   Adopted; purpose, application, and the like
   150.036   Amended
   150.037   Definitions
   150.038   Powers and duties of the Building Official; official records
   150.039   Conflicts of law
   150.040   Updating provisions
Buildings Dangerous, Unhealthy, or Unfit for Human Habitation
   150.055   Definitions
   150.056   Basis of subchapter; additional powers of the city
   150.057   City building enforcement agency created; composition
   150.058   Same; executive officer
   150.059   Same; powers and duties
   150.060   Procedure to remedy or demolish unsafe buildings
   150.061   Same; required findings prior to issuance of order by agency
   150.062   Same; issuance of orders; recourse of city for noncompliance
   150.063   Service, posting, and filing of complaints and orders
   150.064   Appeal from order of agency
   150.065   Remedies provided are exclusive
   150.066   Costs of repairs and the like a lien on property; disposition of proceeds
   150.067   Funds for administration and enforcement
   150.068   Violations
   150.069   Liability of city personnel for damages and the like resulting from enforcement
   150.070   Consent of property owner
   150.071   Obtaining and preserving evidence
   150.999   Penalty