Permits and Fees
1426.01   Permit required prior to commencing work; noncompliance; remedies.
1426.02   Specific permits required; exception.
1426.03   Permit application; form and contents.
1426.04   Permit information.
1426.05   Submission of specifications and plans; reference to Code compliance.
1426.06   Plot plan.
1426.07   Plan supplements and additional data.
1426.08   Application or plan amendments; supplementary permit.
1426.09   Application time limit; abandoned applications.
1426.10   Application and plan examination; approval.
1426.11   Completion of existing buildings.
1426.12   Permit issuance or refusal.
1426.13   Permit conditions and rights; site markers and commencing work; lot revision.
1426.14   Permit forms and information recorded thereon.
1426.15   Form or signature of issuing authority.
1426.16   Permits for work requiring special supervision.
1426.17   Special permits and approvals from other City authorities.
1426.18   Permits for parts of buildings.
1426.19   Permits for buildings to be removed or razed.
1426.20   Permit time limitation and expiration; fee applied to new permit.
1426.21   Plans to be kept at site.
1426.22   Posting and display of permit card at work site.
1426.23   Street and sidewalk obstruction permit; bond, fee and restoration deposit.
1426.24   Deposit for street cleaning; noncompliance; return of deposit.
1426.25   Permit for use of explosives, blasting and other hazardous operations; permit and supervision fees.
1426.26   Reinspection fee; penalties;  after hours inspections; no inspection until fees are paid.
1426.27   Owner-requested inspections.
1426.28   Certificates of occupancy.
1426.29   Certificates for completed structures.
1426.30   Certificates for completed installations.
1426.31   Plans examiner; alternate plans examiner; reimbursement for services for plans examination.
1426.32   Permit fees; buildings and structures; penalty.
1426.33   Permit fees; electrical wiring.
1426.34   Permit fees; heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation.
1426.35   Engineering plans review fees.
1426.99   Penalty.
   Excavation permits - see P. & Z. 1296.09
   Electrical permits - see B. & H. 1432.03
   Issuance of building permits for subdivision improvements - see B. & H. 1448.03
   Permits for swimming or wading pools - see B. & H. 1456.02
   Issuance of permits by Bureau of Fire Prevention - see F.P. 1640.05