(a)   Reinspection.  The fee for a reinspection shall be forty dollars ($40.00) per additional trip and shall be paid in advance.  A reinspection is necessary for reasons of incompetence, incomplete or negligent work.
(Ord. 108-1989.  Passed 1-8-90; Ord. 69-2002.  Passed 11-12-02.)
   (b)   Penalties.
      (1)   All fees for permits to be charged by virtue of any ordinance governing buildings and structures, this Building and Housing Code or any other code, either in their present form or an amended form, shall be subject to an increase of 200 percent if the work for which the permit is required is commenced before the permit is issued or before written consent of the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection is procured, which increase shall be collected by the Superintendent before the issuance of such permit.
      (2)   A penalty of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per notification will be charged for occupancy prior to final approval.  Notification fees can be assessed no more than once every seven calendar days.
      (3)   Nothing in this section shall be construed to repeal or modify any other section of any other ordinance providing for penalties, and the penalty provided herein shall be in addition to any other such penalty.
   (c)   After Hours Inspections.  An inspection will be made at other than normal hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday), when requested by an owner or contractor during normal hours and deemed necessary by the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection for efficient and effective construction of such project, provided a minimum fee of  two hundred dollars ($200.00) is paid in advance for each inspection requested, which fee shall be in addition to all other applicable fees.
   (d)   No Inspection Until Fees Paid.  An inspection or reinspection will not be made until all fees are paid.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81; Ord. 69-2002.  Passed 11-12-02.)