No permit for which a fee is required by any ordinance shall be issued until the applicant  for  the permit has paid to the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection, or to the person otherwise designated by ordinance, the fee hereinafter prescribed.  Fees shall be calculated to the nearest multiple of five cents ($.05).
   Each applicant for a permit shall make a sworn statement or affirmation, in writing, setting forth, in accordance with a bona fide estimate, the total value of the proposed building, structure, addition, alteration, repair or installation, including the cost of any and all plumbing, electrical, heating and other mechanical equipment, devices, appliances, materials, etc., which will be incorporated therein, and also the value of all labor, regardless of who is to do the work or make the installations.
   All area and perimeter measurements shall be made on the exterior of structure surfaces.
   The fee for a permit for a new building, structure, appliance or installation and the fee for a permit for an addition, alteration or repair to an existing building, structure, appliance or installation, or to move or raze a building or structure, shall be the amount stated or determined as follows:
   (a)   Basic Application.  A basic permit application fee of forty dollars ($40.00), one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a manufactured home, or twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each fireplace, woodstove or chimney, plus all items contained herein.
   (b)   One, Two and Three-Family Residential Occupancy.
      Dwelling, new or addition, garages, sheds, etc. -            $ 0.05/sf
      ("sf" means occupied floor, exclusive of basements)
   (c)   All Other Classes of Occupancy, Including but not Limited to Commercial.  All commercial permits are subject to a three percent State fee based on the total of all charges.
      For buildings or structures or additions thereto, with occupiable content   $100.00 plus $0.08/sq.ft.
   Commercial Fee Schedule
Commercial Building
Base Fee
Additional Fee(s)
Sprinkler systems
$0.03/sq. ft.
Pre-plan review approval for footing, shell permit and site plan
$  65.00
3% + 1.95
$  66.95
In addition to base permit
Plans review (when plans are submitted w/application)
$  65.00
3% + 1.95
$  66.95
   (d)   Alterations, Repairs, Foundations; All Occupancies.
      Cost                              $0.05/sq. ft.
   (e)   Structures, Additions, Mechanical Equipment, Grading, Paving.  Fees for structures, and additions thereto, mechanical equipment, grading and paving, without occupiable content, such as, but not limited to, underground and above-ground storage tanks,  wading pools, fire escapes, smoke flues, stacks and retaining walls over three feet high, walls, platforms, reviewing stands, footings and chimneys authorized by separate permit, amusement devices, fences and unclassified buildings and structures, the fee for which is not elsewhere provided for in this fee schedule, shall be as follows:
      (1)   Cost of $500.00 or less                  $15.00
      (2)   Cost of $500.00 up to $1,000                  25.00
      (3)   Cost of $1,000 up to $50,000                  25.00
         plus $6.00/1,000 for each 1,000 or fraction thereof
         over $1,000
      (4)   Cost of $50,000 up to $100,000               $319.00
         plus $5.00/1,000 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof
         over $50,000
      (5)   Cost of $100,000 up to $300,000               569.00
         plus $2.00/1,000 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof
         over $100,000
      (6)   Cost in excess of $300,000                  869.00
         plus $2.00/1,000 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof
         over $300,000
      (7)   Swimming pools   Zoning permit fee only
      (8)   Fences                           0.15/ft.
      (9)   Decks                           0.05/sf
      (10)   Storage sheds 143 sq. ft. or less               Zoning permit
   (f)   Signs and Outdoor Advertising Displays.  The fee for a permit to erect, re-erect, alter, repair, place, replace, hang, rehang, locate, re-locate or in any manner display or redisplay any sign or outdoor advertising display, shall be, unless otherwise stated on the total superficial area (including moldings and cappings) of all faces of the sign or advertising display, as follows:
      (1)   All on-site identifying, informational signs,
         wall or free-standing                     $  0.80/sf
      (2)   Temporary signs (90 day maximum)               50.00
      (3)   Billboards, advertising displays for off-site
         construction, new erections                  1.00/sf
         Repair or changing copy (except for paper boards)
      (4)   On-site sign alterations, as per subsection (e)
         hereof.                           0.50/sf
   (g)   Amusement Devices.  Temporary erection, not to exceed         $35.00/per unit
      five days
   (h)   Awnings, Canopies, Marquees.  For a fixed or ground-supported awning or canopy, the fee shall be as provided in subsection (c) hereof, except that permits are not required for awnings on one and two-family dwellings that do not overhang public property, or which will not be erected for more than fourteen days.
   (i)   Moving Buildings Over Private and Public Property.
      (1)   Over private property only.    Building cubic contents:
         5,000 cf or less                     $ 100.00
         5,000 cf or more                     200.00
      (2)   Over public property.  The fee to be paid to the
         Director of Public Service shall be:
         Not over 12 ft. high, 12 ft. wide or 22 ft. long         $ 50.00
         Not over 12 ft. high, 20 ft. wide or 22 ft. long         100.00
         Not over 12 ft. high, 20 ft. wide or 40 ft. long         250.00
         Less than 2½ stories, over 20 ft. wide or 22 ft. long         350.00
         The fee for moving all other buildings shall be fixed by resolution of Council. In addition to the above fees, there shall be a one hundred dollar ($100.00) per day charge for any day or part thereof that a building remains an obstruction to traffic or public thoroughfares after the first day.
   A bond shall be filed with the Director of Public Service in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) before the moving of a building by a permittee.  The conditions of such bond shall be that the owner of the building and the person actually carrying out the work of moving the building shall comply with all the general laws of Ohio and City ordinances in the moving of the building, and, further, that they will indemnify and keep the City harmless from all damages, liabilities, claims, losses, costs or judgments, made or rendered against or suffered by the City because of such moving operations.  However, in lieu of the bond, a public liability and property damage insurance policy, issued by a solvent insurance company, in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), may be deposited with the Director of Public Service, provided that the City shall be indemnified by reason of any losses sustained by reason of the liability imposed by law upon the City on account of such moving operations, and provided, further that the moving contractor shall also be responsible and pay for all damage caused to the streets, overhead wires, trees and other objects which may be lawfully placed or which lawfully exist in the streets.  No building or moving permit shall be issued except with the approval of the City Engineer for the construction, alteration or relocation of any building or structure within or adjacent to the right-of-way limits of any limited or controlled-access highway project or other highway project.
   No person shall knowingly make or cause to be made, either directly or  indirectly or through any agency whatsoever, any false or fraudulent statement, or knowingly fail to disclose information to the City or any of its officers, agents, employees or departments, with the intent that such statement or omission shall be relied upon to cause the issuance of a building or moving permit for the construction, alteration or relocation of any building or structure within or adjacent to the right-of-way limits of any limited or controlled-access highway project, grade separation project or other highway project.
   In addition to the above mentioned fee for moving a building on or across a public street or public alley, a permit fee shall be paid to the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection as follows:  For a foundation with no basement at the new location for buildings moved over a public street or alley, the fee shall be as provided in subsection (f) hereof.  When a basement is to be provided at the new location, the fee for the permit for the new basement, including the foundation, shall be at the same rate as is provided in this section for an addition.
   (j)   To Raise or Lower a Building.  The fee shall be as
      provided in subsection (e) hereof for alterations.  An
      additional permit fee shall be charged for any new
      cubic content created.
      Minimum fee                              $60.00
   (k)   To Raze a Building.  The sum of $50.00 for each 2,000
      square feet or fraction thereof, of the total floor area,
      and $2.00/100 sq. ft. over 2,000.  The floor area of
      every story, except the basement, shall be
      calculated using outside dimensions.
   (l)   Tents.  The fee for a permit to erect or re-erect a tent
      shall be based on the ground area covered by the tent
      and shall be as follows:
      0 - 360 square feet                           $25.00
      360 - 2,000 square feet                        50.00
      Over 2,000 square feet                        75.00
   (m)   Vaults Under Public Sidewalks. As specified in
      subsection (c) or (e) hereof.
   (n)   Residing or Recovering Exterior Walls.  The fee
      for residing or recovering a building's or structure's
      exterior walls with shingles or any other material
      other than a liquid protective material               $40.00
      When an electrical contractor is needed and the
      contractor is designated by name and address, a
      blanket permit, including grounding and service
      removal and reinstallation, may be issued and the fee
      shall be                           $35.00
      The City will notify such contractor of corrective work required.
   (o)   Penalty for Failure to Call for Inspection.  A fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be charged for failure to call for inspection when work is already being done.
(Ord. 108-1989.  Passed 1-8-90; Ord. 69-2002.  Passed 11-12-02.)