General Provisions
   50.01   Sewer connections for improved property required
   50.02   Maintenance of sewer connector pipe lines
   50.03   Sewer tap fees
Water and Sewer Service Extension
   50.15   Application for and approval of extensions required
   50.16   General extension requirements
   50.17   Method of paying for extensions within corporate limits
   50.18   Method of paying for extensions outside corporate limits
   50.19   Specifications, ownership
   50.20   Additional subdivision improvement requirements
Residential and Commercial
Sewer User Charge
   50.30   Definitions
   50.31   Established rates; generally
   50.32   [Reserved]
   50.33   [Reserved]
   50.34   No reduced rates or free service permitted
   50.35   Determination of charges; generally
   50.36   Metering water not discharged into sewer system for purpose of determining charge
   50.37   Engineering study to determine charge for commercial users where portion of water not discharged into sewer
   50.38   Billing
   50.39   Adjustment of bill
   50.40   Discontinuance of service for failure to pay
   50.41   Continued use of sewer after refusal to pay
   50.42   Implementation of regulations
   50.43   Violations; furnishing town false information
   50.44   Water/sewer fees
Industrial Sewer Use Charge
   50.55   Definitions
   50.56   Permits
   50.57   Permit issuance and renewal
   50.58   Permit conditions
   50.59   Permit suspension or revocation
   50.60   Quantity determination
   50.61   Quality determination
   50.62   Standard of quality
   50.63   Accidental discharges
   50.64   Ownership changes
   50.65   Pretreatment
   50.66   Testing wastes
   50.67   Trade secrets
   50.68   Established user charges
   50.69   Town's average unit cost
   50.70   Computation of user charges
   50.71   User charge with water meter installed and users required to install water meters
   50.72   Implementation of regulations
Fats, Oils and Grease Control
   50.85   Scope and purpose
   50.86   Definitions
   50.87   Grease interceptor maintenance, record keeping and grease removal
   50.88   Enforcement
   50.99   Penalty