(A)   Industrial wastewater discharge permits shall be expressly subject to all provisions of this subchapter and all other applicable ordinances or regulations. Permits may include, but are not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Unit charge or schedule of user charges and fees for the wastewater to be discharged to the sanitary sewer;
      (2)   Allowable average and maximum strengths, characteristics or constituents of the user's wastewater discharge;
      (3)   Limits on rate and time of discharge or requirements for flow regulations and equalization;
      (4)   Regulations for installation of inspection and sampling facilities which include requirements for the sewer staff's access to such facilities;
      (5)   Pretreatment requirements (if any);
      (6)   Regulations for monitoring programs which may include sampling locations, frequency and method of sampling, number, types and standards of tests, and reporting schedules;
      (7)   Requirements for the submission of technical reports or discharge reports;
      (8)   Requirements for the maintenance of plant records relating to wastewater discharge and affording the sewer staff access thereto;
      (9)   Other conditions as deemed appropriate by the General Manager to insure compliance, with this subchapter.
   (B)   Any significant change in wastewater strength or volume discharged shall be reported to the General Manager for determination of need to change the permit conditions.
(Ord., passed 3-8-82)