Any person failing or refusing to pay the charges provided for in this subchapter, or to deposit the proper sum in the event of a dispute as to the amount of such charges, in the time and manner provided, and who continues to discharge waste from his or her property into the sanitary sewer systems of the town, shall be guilty of an offense and shall be punished in the manner provided for in § 50.99.  Each and every day that such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as such. The conviction of a person for such an offense shall not be a bar to the institution by the town of a suit for the collection of the delinquent charges and for an injunction to enjoin such person from discharging waste into the sanitary sewer systems of the town without complying with the provisions of this subchapter and paying the charges established hereby.
(Ord., passed 9-9-85)