For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
   GENERAL MANAGER.  The person authorized by the town to administer the sewer system or his or her authorized representative.
   INDUSTRIAL WASTE USER.  Industries identified in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual, Bureau of the Budget 1972, Office of Management and Budget, as amended and supplemented, this being an official U.S. Government publication and having its force of law under the following divisions: 
      (1)   Division A - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.
      (2)   Division B - Mining.
      (3)   Division D - Manufacturing.
      (4)   Division E - Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services.
      (1)   Single-family residence. A residential establishment serving a single-family, or household. In those instances where there is no meter on the water supply to the principal household, separate living quarters will be considered as a separate resident and a separate sewer service charge will be applied.
      (2)   Duplex resident. A single building equipped for occupancy by two families.
      (3)   Multiple dwelling units. One or more buildings each equipped for occupancy by three or more families.
      (4)   Commercial user. Any business or establishment which does not meet the definition of residential user herein ((1),(2), and (3) above).
   SEWER FUND. The Sewer Fund of the town.
   SEWER STAFF.  That group of employees engaged by the town to administer, operate and maintain the Town's Sanitary Sewer System under the supervision of the General Manager.
   TOWN'S SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM.  All sanitary sewer systems and extensions or enlargements thereof owned or operated by the town, or in which the town has an equity of ownership, and there is specifically included the systems that have been constructed by the town and those systems constructed by persons, as that term is defined herein, and which have heretofore or may hereafter be acquired by the town.
(Ord., passed 9-9-85)