(A)   Pretreatment will be required in the following instances and the General Manager shall submit to the applicant the pretreatment levels which must be obtained:
      (1)   If the General Manager determines upon the initial application for a permit under this subchapter that the proposed industrial waste must be pretreated by the applicant to lower the level of any of the components of the industrial waste before discharge to the town sewer.
      (2)   If the town must improve the discharge from its wastewater treatment plant to the receiving stream as a result of directives from federal or state regulatory agencies, orders or judgments from courts of competent jurisdiction, or changes in the discharge permit the town's wastewater treatment plant or plants, then and in that event the General Manager will require that a permit holder install or enlarge pretreatment facilities to lower the affected component of the permittee's industrial waste discharge.
      (3)   If any wastewaters prohibited under the conditions of this subchapter are produced, such producer shall pretreat the wastewater to the extent required to comply with the standards established herein before discharging to any town sewer.
      (4)   If the General Manager determines that a permittee, because of plant expansion and/or changes in plant operations, has increased either the strength or volume of discharge, the General Manager may require additional pretreatment to lower the level of the volume and/or any components of the industrial waste before discharge.
   (B)   Pretreatment facilities required under the foregoing divisions of this section shall be provided, operated, and maintained at the permit holder's expense.
   (C)   Any sludge or other material removed from the industrial waste by the pretreatment facility shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.
   (D)   Dilution of waste discharged to the town sanitary sewer system is prohibited, whether accomplished by the combination of two or more waste streams by a producer or producers or by the addition of other liquids solely for the purpose of diluting the quality of the waste discharge.
   (E)   One or more producers may upon application and approval by the General Manager combine industrial waste streams prior to discharge to the town sanitary sewer system if, and only if, such combination or industrial waste streams produces a combined discharge of better quality than the two industrial waste streams would have been if discharged separately. However, if one or more producers are allowed to mix industrial waste streams to produce a better discharge, the user charge established herein will be based on the quality of its industrial waste streams prior to combination.
   (E)   Detailed plans showing any pretreatment facilities shall be submitted to the General Manager for approval before construction of the facilities. The review of such plans will in no way relieve such permit holders from the responsibility of modifying and operating the facilities to produce an effluent complying with the established conditions of the permit. Any subsequent, significant changes in the approved facilities or method of operation shall be reported to the General Manager and must be reviewed and approved by him as complying with the provisions herein established.
   (F)   After the construction plans for such pretreatment plants have been approved and a permit issued, the plans shall be placed on file in permanent, reproducible form with the General Manager without cost to the town.
(Ord., passed 3-8-82)