(A)   Determination of the average concentration or strength of the waste delivered shall be the obligation of the producer and tests made on representative average samples collected by the producer shall be made at such intervals, as the town may designate, so long as samples are taken not less than annually. The cost of the initial and subsequent analysis shall be paid by the permittee.
   (B)   Samples may be taken and tests made at the town's option without notice to the permittee, and such test results made by the town shall fix the applicable user charge established herein; provided, however, a permittee may request in writing that its user charge be established pursuant to a composite sample secured and analyzed by an independent laboratory approved by the town. Such request must be approved in writing by the General Manager. If approved by the General Manager, all costs of such composite sampling and subsequent analyses shall be borne by the permittee and shall be conducted at not less than three-month intervals. The town's approval of sampling and analyses performed by an independent laboratory does not prevent representatives of the sewer staff from taking additional samples at its option without notice to the permittee.
   (C)   Written notice from the General Manager approving sampling and analyses by an independent laboratory to establish user charges hereunder may be cancelled by the General Manager by giving written notice of such cancellation to the permittee.
   (D)   Sampling shall be conducted according to customarily accepted methods. If, after receiving the permit application, the General Manager determines that the operations or characteristics of the producer's industrial waste discharge requires composite sampling, the General Manager may require same, which shall be provided by the producer on the basis of an average work day. Otherwise, the analysis will be made on the basis of grab samples. Guidelines for the examination and analyses of the characteristics will be as recommended in the Fourteenth Edition of Standard Methods. The Town may select an independent firm or laboratory to determine flow, COD, BOD and suspended solids at the permittee's expense.
   (E)   The General Manager may make periodic  tests to determine the quality of waste being discharged into the town sewer from the premises of permit holders under the provisions hereof. If at any time the industrial process changes or the quality of the industrial waste changes such that the additions, modification or alteration of pretreatment is required to meet town standards, the General Manager will then have the authority to require that approved pretreatment facilities be installed by the permit holder. Should any permit holder fail or refuse to install such facilities or initiate their installation to the satisfaction and approval of the General Manager within 30 days after receipt of written notice from the General Manager, the General Manager shall have the authority to suspend or revoke such permit and to terminate sewer service to such premises until such time as the permit holder has complied with the requirements hereof.
(Ord., passed 3-8-82)