(A)   All changes set forth in this subchapter shall become effective as of the date that the town first begins operation of the sanitary sewer system.
   (B)   The processing of permit applications and/or completion of engineering studies, where required, will be carried out by the sewer staff as quickly as possible. However, delays in the processing of permit applications and the completion of engineering studies are anticipated, as the provisions of this subchapter are first put into effect.
   (C)   The General Manager may establish estimated volumes and characteristics of sewage flow, based on best available data, prior to the completion of engineering studies to serve as the temporary basis of determining sewer use charges until such engineering studies are completed. Charges so determined shall be adjusted for the entire period of application, up or down, at the time of the first billing after completion of the required engineering study. In any event all users shall be liable for full payment of all sewer user charges for sewer service rendered after the data that the town first began operation of the sanitary sewer system.
(Ord., passed 3-8-82)