Any water mains or sanitary sewer mains extended under the provisions of this subchapter shall be installed and constructed in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and other requirements of the town. All facilities installed under the provisions of this subchapter, whether within or outside the corporate limits shall become the sole property of the town and under its jurisdiction and control for any and all purposes whatsoever at the time such facilities are connected to the town system. Any property owner, by compliance with the terms of any contract or this subchapter shall be deemed to have conveyed all such property to the town. When required, the property owner or owners shall grant to the town such utility easements as the town may require. In addition, a deed to the town for water or sewer facilities installed which are located outside the corporate limits, the cost of which is borne by individual property owners, shall be executed and delivered to the town prior to the time any extensions provided for in this subchapter are connected to the town systems.
(Ord., passed 9-9-85)