(A)   Any person owning or having control of property discharging waste into the sanitary sewers of the town and on whose property there is located one or more facilities requiring water (from the source of supply that also furnishes water to the sanitary disposal facilities) and such water pro vided to such facilities is not discharged into the sanitary sewers of the town, may at his or her own expense, install a water meter of a type and design, and at a location approved by the General Manager, on the water intake sources of such facility, and the town will accept monthly readings from such meter taken and provided to the town by such person or his or her duly authorized agent, such monthly readings to be furnished on forms provided by the General Manager and sworn to as correct by the person taking the reading. Meters installed for this purpose shall be sealed by the town and the owners shall insure that the seal is not broken.
   (B)   The amount of water indicated by such monthly reading of such meter will be deducted from the reading of the town's water meter providing water to such property and the resulting amount will be the water usage upon which the sanitary sewer service charge established by this subchapter will be computed. In the event such property is not supplied water by the town, such meter reading will be deducted from the total water usage furnished to such property as estimated by the General Manager as provided for in this subchapter.
   (C)   No facility for which a meter is installed under the provisions of this section shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system of the town, without the owner thereof having first notified in writing the General Manager of such proposed connection.
   (D)   Employees of the sewer staff shall have the right, at any time during regular business hours, to check the meter reading on such meter installed to measure the amount of water provided to the facility not discharging waste into the town's sanitary sewers, and to remove and test such meter at any time.
   (E)   Any person making a false affidavit as to the amount of water usage registered by a meter installed under the provisions of this section, or any person representing to the town that the facility for which a meter is installed under the provisions hereof does not discharge waste into the town's sanitary sewer when, in fact, it does, or any person having facilities for which such a meter is installed who subsequently connects such facility to the town's sanitary sewer system without notifying the General Manager, shall be guilty of an offense. Each and every day that such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense punishable as such in accordance with § 50.99.
(Ord., passed 9-9-85)