(A)   Except as provided herein, for a period of one year following adoption of this subchapter, although installation of grease interceptors will be required to be installed, no enforcement actions will be taken under this subchapter for failure to achieve limits on grease discharges from grease interceptors. If, during this one year period, an obstruction of a town sewer main(s) occurs that causes a sewer overflow to the extent that an impact on the environment is realized and that the overflow or failure of the sanitary sewer collection system to convey sewage can be attributed in part or in whole to an accumulation of grease in the town’s sewer main(s), the town may take appropriate enforcement actions against the generator and/or contributors of such grease as provided below.
   (B)   The penalties for violation of this subchapter shall be as provided in § 10.99 of the Harrisburg Code of Ordinances.
(Ord., passed 5-11-09)