General Provisions
   151.01   Office of Building Inspector; duties
   151.02   Building Inspector; right of entry for inspection
   151.03   Certificate of occupancy in general
   151.04   Site inspection prerequisite to issuance of certificate of occupancy
   151.05   Sewage disposal system prerequisite to connection of electricity
   151.06   State Building Code adopted; on file
   151.20   Permits required
   151.21   Application
   151.22   Expiration
   151.23   Commencement of work
   151.24   Valuation of structure and the like
   151.25   Appeal of decisions of the Building Inspector
   151.26   Fees prerequisite to issuance; exemptions
   151.27   Records to be kept by Building Inspector
   151.28   Penalty added to fee
   151.29   Bond
   151.30   Temporary toilet facilities
   151.31   Pedestrian safety and protection of facilities
   151.32   Violations
   151.33   Review of decision
Moving and Demolition of Buildings and Structures
   151.45   Compliance with subchapter
   151.46   Bond
   151.47   Maximum time building or structure may remain on streets
   151.48   Notification to officials; beginning and completing work; safety precautions
   151.49   Maximum time building or structure may remain on a temporary foundation
   151.50   Permit required
   151.51   Application for permit
   151.52   Procedure for moving a building from a location within either an ocean hazard or estuarine AEC
   151.53   Refusal to issue; appeal to Town Council
   151.54   Copies to be sent to Fire Chief and like officials
   151.55   Demolition of structures; compliance
   151.56   Permit for demolition; procedure; appeal