(A)   The person in charge of moving any building or structure shall notify the Chief of the Fire Department, the Chief of Police and the Superintendent of the Waterworks of the County of Dare of the date and hour that he or she proposes to begin the moving of the building over the streets or highways of the town and the estimated time required for the removal of the building from the old to the new location and the clearing of the streets.
   (B)   In addition thereto, he or she shall provide, at his or her own expense, the following safety requirements:
      (1)    Every building that occupies any portion of public property or street or highway after sundown shall have sufficient light continuously burning between sunset and sunrise for the protection of the public. There shall be a minimum of 5 red lights placed on each street side of the building. The red lights shall be attached to the building in a fashion as to indicate its extreme width, height and size. There shall be placed, in addition to the red lights on the building, flares at regular intervals for a distance of 200 feet up the street or highway on each side of the building; and
      (2)   When more than 50% of the hard surface or running surface of a street or highway is occupied at night by the building while the building is in transit over the streets or highways, the owner or person moving the building shall employ at his or her expense 2 flagpersons, 1 in the direction to which the building is moving and the other in the direction from which it is going, at a sufficient distance therefrom in order to direct or divert or stop traffic around the building while the building may be occupying the entire paved or running surface of the street or highway. Red lights shall be employed in flagging traffic at night.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003)