(A)   If any person undertakes the commencement of work regarding a building or structure before obtaining the necessary permit from the town, he or she shall be subject to the additional fees as prescribed in the adopted fee schedule of the town.
   (B)   The term COMMENCEMENT OF WORK shall include any of the following activities relating to a building or structure:
      (1)   Initiation of any construction or repair work;
      (2)   Clearing or grading not specifically permitted under a land disturbance permit;
      (3)   Excavation or batter boards set for a foundation;
      (4)   Demolition as defined by the North Carolina Building Code; or
      (5)   Delivery of construction materials, equipment, or dumpsters related to a demolition or construction activity.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003; Am. Ord. 15-05, passed 6-3-2015)