§ 151.46 BOND.
   (A)   The Building Inspector, as a condition precedent to the issuance of a permit pursuant to this subchapter, may require a bond to be executed by the person desiring the removal permit, the bond to be executed by a corporate surety authorized to do business in the state.
   (B)   The bond shall be made payable to the town and for an amount as the Building Inspector may determine to be adequate and commensurate with the size and circumstances surrounding the moving of the building.
   (C)   The bond shall indemnify the town against any damage caused by the moving of the building or structure to streets, curbs, sidewalks, hydrants and any other property which may be affected by the moving of a building or structure.
   (D)   The surety bond shall also be conditioned upon and liable for strict compliance with the terms of the permit, as to the route to be taken and limit of time in which to effect the removal, to repair or provide compensation for the repair of damages or injury to property and to pay the town an amount of $50 a day for each day’s delay in completing the removal, and for repairing any damages to property or public improvement or in clearing all public streets, alleys or highways of all debris occasioned thereby.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003)