(A)   The applicant for any building permit requiring a County Department of Environmental Health septic tank sewage disposal improvement permit shall provide and maintain 1 or more temporary suitable toilet facilities on the construction site.
   (B)   The temporary toilet facilities shall be in accordance with the provisions of the State Building Code.
   (C)   The temporary toilet facilities shall meet County Department of Environmental Health rules and regulations, shall be placed on-site prior to the start of construction, shall remain on-site until a certificate of occupancy is issued and shall meet the town’s principal building setback line requirements.
   (D)   Construction sites with adjoining property lines may share toilet facilities; provided, that the distance separating the facility and the nearest part of the structure under construction shall not exceed 200 feet. In cases of shared facilities, no setback shall be required from the common property line.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003)