Any person, before moving or attempting to move any building or part of any building or structure referred to in §§ 151.45 through 151.56, shall file written application with the Building Inspector, setting forth the following information:
   (A)   The type and kind of building or structure to be moved;
   (B)   The date that moving will take place over streets or highways of the town;
   (C)   The extreme dimensions of the length, height and width of the building or structure;
   (D)   The present location and proposed new location of the building or structure by lot, block, subdivision and street numbers or other description adequate for an accurate location thereof;
   (E)   The approximate time the building or structure will be upon the streets and the contemplated route that will be taken from present to new location;
   (F)   Public utilities and public agencies to which notice or from which clearance is required and which will be affected; and
   (G)   Owners of property that might be affected.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003)