(A)   When required.
      (1)   No new building shall be occupied and no change in occupancy of a building or part of a building shall be made until after the Building Inspector shall have issued a certificate of occupancy.
      (2)   No certificate of occupancy shall be issued by the Building Inspector without determining that the proposed building complies with the terms and conditions of this subchapter, the town code, all pertinent adopted policies, codes and regulations of the town, the State of North Carolina, and the federal government.
      (3)   Compliance includes but is not limited to installation and completion of all required parking on the property; display of street numbers as required; removal of construction dumpsters, temporary toilet facilities and debris from the property; and repair and cleanup of any affected public property and vehicular or pedestrian accessways.
   (B)   Issuance; contents. Upon completion of a building erected in accordance with approved plans, and after the final inspection referred to in § 151.06 below and upon application therefor, the Building Inspector shall issue a certificate of occupancy, stating the nature of the occupancy permitted, the number of persons for each floor when limited by law, and the allowable load per square foot for each floor in accordance with the provisions of this code.
   (C)   Temporary occupancy. A temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued for a portion of a building which may safely be occupied prior to final completion of the building.
   (D)   Existing buildings.
      (1)   A certificate of occupancy for any existing building may be obtained by applying to the Building Inspector and supplying the information and data necessary to determine compliance with this code for the occupancy intended.
      (2)   Where necessary, in the opinion of the Building Inspector, 2 sets of detailed drawings or a general inspection, or both, may be required. When, upon examination and inspection, it is found that the building conforms to the provisions of this code for the occupancy, a certificate of occupancy shall be issued.
(Ord. 03-09, passed 7-2-2003)