§ 3103.06 Inspections; Type and Procedure
   (a)   Existing Premises.
      (1)   When deemed necessary to ascertain existing conditions, the Commissioner shall examine or cause to be examined all buildings or other structures or premises for which an application has been received for a permit to enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy or use classification thereof, before a permit or Certificate of Occupancy therefor is issued.
      (2)   The Commissioner shall inspect or cause to be inspected from time to time, as he or she deems necessary, all buildings or structures, including appurtenances and accessories thereto, liable to become a hazard to public safety through deterioration, dilapidation, corrosion or obsolescence, to verify proper maintenance as prescribed in Section 3101.10, continued compliance with the applicable provisions of OBBC and this Building Code and with other applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, and continued compliance with the terms of any Certificate of Occupancy, approval and operation.
   (b)   At Site of Work. Administrative officers having jurisdictions under OBBC or this Building Code shall inspect or cause to be inspected all buildings and structures from time to time during and upon completion of the work for which a permit was issued. Such administrative officers shall make a record of every such examination and inspection and of all violations of OBBC or this Building Code.
   (c)   At Point of Manufacture. When deemed necessary by the administrative officer having jurisdiction, such officer may make or cause to be made an inspection of materials and assemblies at the point of manufacture or fabrication. However, inspections beyond the City limits shall be made at the expense of the person, firm or corporation requesting such inspection. The officer may make a record of every such examination and inspection.
   (d)   By Whom. Except when OBBC or this Building Code directs other administrative officers to make inspections, the inspections called for by these requirements shall be made by the Commissioner. The Commissioner may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection organizations, and of registered architects and registered professional engineers, provided that after investigation he or she is satisfied as to their qualifications and reliability. But no approval called for by any provision of OBBC or this Building Code shall be based on such reports unless the same are in writing and certified by a registered architect or registered professional engineer, or by a responsible officer of an inspection organization.