§ 3113.03 Permits; Conditions and Exemptions
   (a)   Excepting only outdoor signs and display structures specifically exempted by division (c) of this section, no outdoor sign or display structure shall hereafter be erected and no outdoor sign or display structure shall be affixed, attached to, suspended from or supported on a building or other structure until a permit has been issued by the Commissioner.
   (b)   Permits shall be obtained for all electrical wiring and electrical installations in connection with signs or outdoor display structures. All such electrical wiring and electrical installations shall be done in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 3137.
   (c)   Exemptions. No permit shall be required for the affixation or erection of the following signs. Such exemption shall, however, apply to the requirement for a permit only and shall not be construed as relieving the owner of such sign from responsibility for its erection and maintenance in a safe condition, or from conformity with applicable provisions of this chapter governing material, construction and erection.
      (1)   Signs erected in compliance with Zoning Code division (a) of Section 350.04, Section 350.11, division (c) of Section 350.13 and division (d) of Section 350.13;
      (2)   Noncombustible tablets built into the wall of a building or other structure and used for inscriptions or as memorial tablets or for similar purposes;
      (3)   Posting of bills, signs or posters on billboards or display structures legally erected and maintained for such purpose;
      (4)   Municipal street, traffic or emergency signs, and railroad sign;
      (5)   Legal notices and house numbers;
      (6)   Temporary signs on buildings under construction.
   (d)   Issuance of required permits shall be by the Commissioner. No permit for a sign over public property shall be issued until the application for the permit has been approved by the Director of Capital Projects.
   (e)   The application for a permit shall be submitted in such form as the Commissioner may prescribe and, when deemed necessary by him or her, shall be accompanied by such drawings and descriptive data as are required to verify compliance with the provisions of this Building Code and OBBC. Whenever the conditions of installation are such as to require unusual structural provisions, and for all roof signs, the Commissioner may require that the structural design drawings be prepared by and bear the seal of a registered architect or registered professional engineer competent to design such structure, and that the work be supervised and inspected either by the person who prepared the approved structural design, or by other competent persons acceptable to the Commissioner.
   (f)   No permit to erect, alter, enlarge or maintain a sign or sign structure beyond a street or alley line shall constitute a permanent easement. Every such permit shall be revocable at any time by action of Council, and the City shall not be liable for any damages to the owner by reason of such revocation.
   (g)   Any permit issued for an outdoor sign or display structure shall be valid only while such sign or display structure is maintained in a safe, sound and non-hazardous condition. The Commissioner shall revoke any permit when unsafe conditions are not promptly corrected by the owner of the sign, display structure or premises.
(Ord. No. 1233-15. Passed 11-9-15, eff. 11-11-15)