§ 3105.07 Professional Work Supervision; Completion Affidavit
   Whenever a permit is to be issued by the Commissioner in reliance upon an affidavit, as provided in Section 3105.03(b), or whenever the work to be covered by a permit to be issued by the Commissioner involves construction under conditions which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, are hazardous or complex, the Commissioner shall require that the architect or engineer who signed the affidavit or made the plans or computations shall supervise such work, be responsible for its conformity with the approved plans, and forthwith upon its completion make and file with the Commissioner a written affidavit that the work has been done in conformity with the approved plans and with the structural provisions of OBBC and this Building Code. If such architect or engineer is not available, the owner shall employ in his or her stead another registered architect or registered professional engineer whose qualifications are approved by the Commissioner.