§ 3137.05 Permit Required
   (a)   Except as provided in Section 3137.01 (b) and subsection (b) hereof, and except for minor repairs and maintenance as herein defined, no electrical wiring or equipment shall be installed, altered, or repaired without a permit from the Commissioner. All work for which a permit is required shall be done by installers licensed or authorized to do such work under the applicable provisions of Chapter 3107.
   (b)   No permit shall be required for the installation of temporary exposed electrical wiring for use in conducting experiments or tests in research or testing laboratories, but such temporary wiring shall be installed in a safe manner.
   (c)   Whenever changes in electrical wiring are constantly being made the Commissioner may issue a “blanket permit” which shall apply only to the premises specified on the permit.
   (d)   The holder of a “blanket permit” shall make a written record of all electrical work performed in and about the premises covered by such permit, and specific permits shall be obtained and fees paid for all extensions, alterations, and additions to electrical wiring and equipment when such work is inspected by the authorized inspector of the Commissioner. However, when electrical wiring is to be concealed, it shall be inspected and approved before being concealed, as hereinafter required.
   (e)   Minor Repair. “Minor repair” means the installation or replacement of light bulbs or fuses, and repairs to portable utilization equipment such as lamps, irons, toasters, fans, sweepers, and the like; but does not include changes in or repairs to permanent electrical wiring.
   (f)   Maintenance. “Maintenance” means the servicing of existing electrical equipment; the replacement of electrical equipment with equipment of like type and capacity, connected to existing electrical terminal connections; and similar work; for the purpose of maintenance of an existing electrical installation installed and maintained in conformity with OBBC and this Building Code; but it does not include the installation of any permanent wiring, or major changes to, or extensions of, electrical terminal connections.