§ 3105.14 Posting of Number of Persons Permitted
   (a)   In rooms or spaces of the assembly occupancies specified in OAC 4101:2-1-28 and BOCA Section 302.0, the number of persons who may legally occupy such space shall be marked on placards by the Commissioner and such placards shall be securely affixed by the owner of the building or his or her authorized agent near the entrances to such room or space so as to be conspicuously visible to persons entering such room or space. It shall be a violation of this Building Code to occupy, or permit such room or space to be occupied, at any one time by more than the number of persons marked on such placard.
   (b)   The Commissioner may also require the posting of placards stating the maximum number of persons who may legally occupy certain buildings and parts of buildings of factory and high hazard occupancy classifications as provided in BOCA Sections 304.0 and 305.0.