§ 3105.28 Plan Examination Fee Schedule
   The plan examination fee is payable at the time the plans are submitted and is based on the floor area in square feet. If plans are submitted more than one time, or if plans are revised after permit issuance, an additional plan examination fee will be charged.
   (a)   A fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) per one thousand (1,000) square foot or fraction of that shall be charged for any plan examined under this section.
   (b)   A fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged for any plan which is under one thousand (1,000) square foot. Projects such as parking lots, signs, or fences which have no floor area shall be charged this minimum fee.
   (c)   A fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) shall be charged for all site development reviews.
(Ord. No. 708-10. Passed 8-18-10, eff. 8-20-10)