§ 3133.02 Permit Required; Exception for Minor Repairs
   (a)   Except as provided in division (b) of Section 3133.01, no drainage system, plumbing system, water supply system, or part of one, shall be installed, altered, removed, replaced, or repaired without a permit from the Commissioner, except that “minor repairs”, shall not require a permit.
   “Minor repairs” means the repairing of an existing fixture; the replacement of faucets or valves or parts thereof with like material or material serving the same purpose; the clearance of stoppages; the stopping of leaks; the relieving of frozen pipes; and other minor replacement or repairs classified as “minor repairs” by the Commissioner, provided no changes other than those specifically permitted are made in the piping to the fixtures or in the drainage, vent or water supply system, and provided further that the permitted clearance of stoppages can be done without the use of power driven equipment or cutting into piping or fittings, and the permitted stopping of leaks can be effected without replacement of drainage or vent piping.
   Except as otherwise provided in these Codified Ordinances, all plumbing for which a permit is required shall be done by installers licensed or authorized to do such work under the applicable provisions of Chapter 3107.
   (b)   Except as provided for “minor repairs” in division (a) of this section, no fixture, device, appliance or equipment shall be connected to a plumbing system or water supply system without a permit from the Commissioner. No water-connected air conditioning equipment, water treatment equipment, water operated devices, or other water connected equipment or devices shall be installed or connected without a permit from the Commissioner.
(Ord. No. 377-03. Passed 5-19-03, eff. 5-27-03)