§ 3105.02 Permit Applications; Plans and Specifications
   (a)   Form.
      (1)   An application for a permit required under OBC or Section 3105.01 signed by the owner or his or her authorized agent, shall be filed with the Commissioner on a form furnished by him or her and shall provide such information as may reasonably be required by the Commissioner for an intelligent understanding of the proposed work.
      (2)   When separate permits from the Fire Chief are required in connection therewith, the applications for such separate permits shall be filed with the Commissioner who shall promptly transmit such applications and the relevant plans and specifications for action by the Division of Fire.
      (3)   If application is made by a person other than the owner in fee, the Commissioner may require that it be accompanied by a duly verified affidavit of the owner in fee or the person making the application, stating that the proposed work is authorized by the owner in fee, and that the person making the application is authorized to make such application.
      (4)   When separate permits from the Division of Water are required in connection therewith, the application for a permit required under OBC or Section 3105.01 shall be accompanied by a site plan. The Commissioner shall promptly transmit such site plan to the Division of Water to determine the location of any previously installed service connections and to make arrangements to plug or cap such service connections pursuant to Section 531.07.
   (b)   Plans and Specifications.
      (1)   When required by the Commissioner, two (2) or more copies of plans and specifications shall accompany each application. Plans shall be drawn to scale with sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed. Such plans and specifications together shall contain information sufficient to indicate that the work proposed will conform to the provisions of this Building Code and all other applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Such information shall be specific, and OBC or this Building Code shall not be cited as a whole or a part, nor shall the term “legal” or its equivalent, be used as a substitute for specific information. Each set of plans and specifications shall give the address of the work and the name and address of the owner and of the person who prepared them.
      (2)   The Commissioner may require a plot plan by a qualified surveyor showing the topography of the site, and the location of the proposed building or structure on the site or lot, and of buildings and structures on adjoining property. He or she may also require details, computations, stress diagrams, and other data necessary to describe the construction and basis for calculations. (See Section 327.02(e) of the Zoning Code.)
      (3)   When plans contemplate structural changes or structural work affecting public health or safety, the Commissioner may require that they shall be prepared by and bear the seal of a registered architect or registered professional engineer, and he or she may require that they be accompanied by an affidavit of such registered architect or registered professional engineer stating that he or she has supervised the preparation of the plans, and that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief the structure, if built in accordance with the plans, will conform to OBC and this Building Code, except as specifically noted otherwise.
      (4)   When approved plans and specifications are not required, work shall be installed in accordance with the material manufacturer’s installation requirements for the conditions that exist and work shall be performed in the manner intended.
(Ord. No. 2370-01. Passed 5-13-02, eff. 5-20-02)