§ 3105.26 Schedule of Inspection Fees
   There shall be no separate inspection fees except as provided in Section 3105.27 and this section:
   (a)   Special Inspections.
      (1)   Whenever an inspection has been requested and upon inspection the work is not found to be ready for inspection, or where the address given in the application for permit is faulty or inaccurate, there shall be charged a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each inspection.
      (2)   For inspections required outside of regular working hours (special events, witness testing of special equipment, etc.) the fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00).
      (3)   Whenever a special inspection, not a routine inspection of work being done under a permit, is requested, there shall be an inspection fee as follows:
         Dwelling units at twenty dollars ($20.00), minimum fifty dollars ($50.00);
         Other structures at sixty dollars ($60.00) per story.
      (4)   Whenever an inspection is made after the compliance date stated on a Notice of Violation of the Building Code, the Housing Code or the Zoning Code or after a compliance date determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to determine whether the violation has been remedied and the violation has not been remedied, or an additional permit is obtained for work previously permitted and the original permit has expired or was appropriately voided, there shall be charged a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each inspection, except that this fee shall not apply to one (1) family and two (2) family owner-occupied dwelling structures.
   (b)   Annual Building Inspections.
      (1)   Eating Places: sixty-five ($65.00) per occupancy;
      (2)   Drinking Places: sixty-five ($65.00) per occupancy;
      (3)   Annual Inspections under Licensing Requirement: sixty-five ($65.00) per occupancy,
   (c)   Late Fee, for Work Started Prior to Permit Issuance.
      (1)   Within seventy-two (72) hours of notification: Min one hundred dollars ($100.00) + twenty-five percent (25%) of required permit fee;
      (2)   After seventy-two (72) hours: Min two hundred dollars ($200.00) + twenty-five percent (25%) of required permit fee.
   (d)   Payment of charges for inspections enumerated above shall be made before any additional permits will be issued to the permit holder.
(Ord. No. 708-10. Passed 8-18-10, eff. 8-20-10)