14B-10-1013  Exit signs.
The provisions of Section 1013 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise Section 1013.1 by deleting “approved.
2.   Revise the exceptions to Section 1013.1 to read:
1.   Exit signs are not required in rooms or areas that require only one exit or exit access.
2.   Main exterior exit doors or gates that are obviously and clearly identifiable as exits need not have exit signs where approved by the fire code official.
3.   Exit signs are not required in occupancies in Group U and individual sleeping units or dwelling units in Group R-1, R-2, R-3 or R-5.
4.   Exit signs are not required in dayrooms, sleeping rooms or dormitories in occupancies in Group I-3.”
3.   Delete Section 1013.2.
4.   Revise Section 1013.3 to read:
1013.3 Illumination.
Exit signs shall be internally illuminated.
Exception: Visual character signs required by Section 1013.14 shall be internally or externally illuminated at all times. Tactile signs required by Section 1013.4 need not be provided with illumination.”
5.   Revise Section 1013.4 to read:
1013.4 Raised character and braille signs.
Signs stating “AREA OF REFUGE,” “EXTERIOR AREA FOR ASSISTED RESCUE,” “EXIT,” “STAIR” or “FIRE ESCAPE,” as required by Sections 1009.9 and 1013.6.1, in visual characters, raised characters and braille and complying with ICC A117.1 shall be provided adjacent to each door to an area of refuge, or providing direct access to an exit stairway, an exterior area for assisted rescue, an exit ramp, an exit passageway or the exit discharge.”
6.   Delete Section 1013.5.
7.   Revise Section 1013.6 and its subsections to read:
1013.6 Internally illuminated exit signs.
Internally illuminated exit signs shall comply with Sections 1013.6.1 through 1013.6.3.
1013.6.1 Graphics.
Every exit sign and directional exit sign shall have plainly legible letters not less than 3 3/8 inches (86 mm) high with the principal strokes of the letters not less than 9/16 inch (14 mm) wide. Directional exit signs shall have a horizontal arrow below the lettering not less than 1/2 inch (13 mm) wide, running the full length of the lettering. Signs larger than the minimum established in this section shall have letter widths, strokes and spacing in proportion to their height.
The lettering and arrow shall be red on a white translucent background and shall be clearly discernible when the means of exit sign illumination is or is not energized.
1013.6.1.1 Exit sign.
Exit signs, other than those subject to Section 1013.6.1.2 or 1013.6.1.3 shall read “EXIT.”
1013.6.1.2 Stair sign.
Exit signs located immediately over an exit access stairway or exit access door leading to an exit stairway shall read “STAIR” or “EXIT STAIR.” In existing buildings, new exit signs may also read “STAIRS” or “STAIRWAY” if consistent with existing exit signs.
1013.6.1.3 Fire escape sign.
In existing buildings, exit signs and directional exit signs leading to a fire escape shall read “FIRE ESCAPE.”
1013.6.2 Exit sign illumination.
The face of an exit sign shall be illuminated to meet the luminance measurement test in UL 924.
1013.6.3 Power source.
Exit signs shall be illuminated at all times. To ensure continued illumination for a duration of not less than 90 minutes in case of primary power loss, the sign illumination means shall be connected to an emergency power system provided from storage batteries, unit equipment or an on-site generator. The installation of the emergency power system shall be in accordance with Article 700 of the Chicago Electrical Code.”