Ch. 3-4   Uniform Revenue Procedures
   Ch. 3-8   Policemen's and Firemen's Death Benefit Fund
   Ch. 3-12   Sewer Revenue Fund
   Ch. 3-16   Chicago Boat Mooring Tax
   Ch. 3-20   Reserved
   Ch. 3-24   Chicago Hotel Accommodations Tax
   Ch. 3-27   Chicago Use Tax for Nontitled Personal Property
   Ch. 3-28   Chicago Use Tax for Titled Personal Property
   Ch. 3-29   Chicago Use Tax for Nonretail Transfers of Motor Vehicles
   Ch. 3-30   Chicago Restaurant and Other Places for Eating Tax Ordinance
   Ch. 3-32   Chicago Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax
   Ch. 3-33   Chicago Real Property Transfer Tax
   Ch. 3-40   Occupation Taxes
   Ch. 3-41   Chicago Gas Use Tax
   Ch. 3-42   Cigarette Tax
   Ch. 3-43   Chicago Bottled Water Tax
   Ch. 3-44   Liquor Tax
   Ch. 3-45   Chicago Soft Drink Taxes
   Ch. 3-46   Chicago Ground Transportation Tax
   Ch. 3-47   Chicago Liquid Nicotine Product Tax
   Ch. 3-48   Motor Vehicle Lessor Tax
   Ch. 3-49   Chicago Other Tobacco Products Tax
   Ch. 3-50   Chicago Checkout Bag Tax
   Ch. 3-51   Cannabis Tax
   Ch. 3-52   Vehicle Fuel Tax
   Ch. 3-53   Electricity Use Tax
   Ch. 3-54   Chicago Electricity Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Ordinance
   Ch. 3-55   Chicago Fee on New Tires Ordinance
   Ch. 3-56   Wheel Tax Licenses
   Ch. 3-60   Municipal Automobile Renting Use Tax
   Ch. 3-64   Emergency Telephone System
   Ch. 3-70   Reserved
   Ch. 3-73   Chicago Simplified Telecommunications Tax
   Ch. 3-75   Reserved
   Ch. 3-80   Chicago Water and Sewer Tax
   Ch. 3-92   Chicago Property Tax Limitation
   Ch. 3-94   Fallen Heroes Property Tax Abatement