14B-10-1029  Assembly.
The provisions of Section 1029 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Delete the exceptions to Section 1029.1.1.1.
2.   Revise Section 1029.2 by replacing “10 feet (3048 mm)” with “20 feet (6096 mm).”
3.   Delete Section 1029.3.
4.   Revise Section 1029.6 to read:
1029.6 Capacity of aisle for assembly.
The required capacity of aisles shall be not less than that determined in accordance with Section 1029.6.1 where indoor assembly seating is provided and Section 1029.6.3 where open-air assembly seating is provided.”
5.   Revise the title and first sentence of Section 1029.6.1 to read:
1029.6.1 Indoor assembly seating.
The required capacity in inches (mm) of the aisles for indoor assembly seating shall be not less than the occupant load served by the egress element in accordance with all of the following, as applicable:”
6.   Delete Section 1029.6.2 and its subsections.
7.   Delete Table 1029.6.2.
8.   [Reserved.]
9.   [Reserved.]
10.   Delete exception 1 (and its subparts) to Section 1029.7.
11.   Revise exception 2 to Section 1029.8 by deleting “smoke-protected or.”
12.   Revise the exception to Section 1029.8.1 by deleting “smoke-protected or.”
13.   Revise exceptions 3 and 4 to Section 1029.9.5 by deleting “smoke-protected or.”
14.   Revise the exception to Section 1029.13.2.1 by deleting “smoke-protected or.”
15.   Revise Table 1029.13.2.1 by deleting “SMOKE-PROTECTED OR.”
16.   Revise the exception to Section 1029.13.2.2 by deleting “smoke-protected or.”
17.   Revise exception 3 to Section 1029.15 by replacing “three” with “five.”
18.   Revise exception 4 to Section 1029.15 to read:
“4.   In a building, room or space used for assembly purposes where flexibility of the seating arrangement is an integral part of the design and function of the space and seating is on tiered levels, up to 200 seats shall not be required to be fastened to the floor. Plans showing seating, tiers and aisles shall be submitted to the fire code official for review.”
(Amend Coun. J. 2-19-20, p. 14473, Art. II, § 53)