Ch. 9-4   Traffic Definitions and General Provisions
   Ch. 9-8   Traffic Control Devices and Signals
   Ch. 9-12   Traffic and Speed Restrictions
   Ch. 9-16   Turning Movements
   Ch. 9-20   Movement of Traffic
   Ch. 9-24   Right-of-Way
   Ch. 9-28   Railroad and Bridge Crossings
   Ch. 9-32   Funeral Processions
   Ch. 9-36   Overtaking Vehicles
   Ch. 9-40   Driving Rules
   Ch. 9-44   Towing Disabled Vehicles
   Ch. 9-48   Types of Vehicles – Regulations
   Ch. 9-52   Bicycles – Operation
   Ch. 9-56   Reporting of Crashes
   Ch. 9-60   Pedestrians' Rights and Duties
   Ch. 9-64   Parking Regulations
   Ch. 9-68   Restricted Parking – Permits and Regulations
   Ch. 9-72   Size and Weight Limits
   Ch. 9-76   Vehicle Equipment
   Ch. 9-80   Miscellaneous Rules
   Ch. 9-84   Towing Unauthorized Vehicles
   Ch. 9-88   Duties of Police Department
   Ch. 9-92   Impounding and Relocation of Vehicles
   Ch. 9-96   Reserved
   Ch. 9-100   Administrative Adjudication of Parking, Compliance Violations, Automated Traffic Law Enforcement system or Automated Speed Enforcement System violations
   Ch. 9-101   Automated Speed Enforcement Program
   Ch. 9-102   Automated Traffic Law Enforcement System
   Ch. 9-103   Scooter Sharing
   Ch. 9-104   Public Chauffeurs
   Ch. 9-105   Automated Street Sweeper Camera Program
   Ch. 9-108   Smart Streets Pilot Program
   Ch. 9-110   Pedicabs
   Ch. 9-112   Taxicabs
   Ch. 9-114   Public Passenger Vehicles Other Than Taxicabs
   Ch. 9-115   Transportation Network Providers
   Ch. 9-116   Traffic Crash Review and Analysis
   Ch. 9-120   Bicycles
   Ch. 9-124   Transportation Services and Rail Transportation