* Editor’s note – Title 14N, Energy Conservation Code, was added by Coun. J. 4-10-19, p. 100029, Art. XIII, § 1. Title 14N was subsequently repealed and replaced by Coun. J. 9-21-22, p. 52080, Art. I, § 1.This title incorporates provisions of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code®, which is published by International Code Council, Inc. (ICC). These provisions are incorporated by reference and not reprinted in the ordinance. A free, read-only document which compiles the model code provisions and amendments adopted by the City of Chicago, hosted by ICC, will be available at https://codes.iccsafe.org in early 2023. For frequent users of the code, this compiled version of the Chicago Energy Conservation Code is available for purchase from ICC in print and electronic formats. Provisions governing effective dates for provisions of this title are found in Section 14A-1-105.
Part I – Commercial Provisions
   Ch. 14N-C1   Scope and Purpose
   Ch. 14N-C2   Definitions
   Ch. 14N-C3   General Requirements
   Ch. 14N-C4   Commercial Energy Efficiency
   Ch. 14N-C5   Existing Buildings
   Ch. 14N-C6   Chicago-Specific Requirements – Commercial
   Ch. 14N-C7   Referenced Standards
Part II – Residential Provisions
   Ch. 14N-R1   Scope and Purpose
   Ch. 14N-R2   Definitions
   Ch. 14N-R3   General Requirements
   Ch. 14N-R4   Residential Energy Efficiency
   Ch. 14N-R5   Existing Buildings
   Ch. 14N-R6   Chicago-Specific Requirements – Residential
   Ch. 14N-R7   Referenced Standards