14B-10-1008  Means of egress illumination.
The provisions of Section 1008 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise Section 1008.2 to read:
1008.2 Illumination required.
The means of egress serving a room or space shall be artificially illuminated at all times that the room or space served by the means of egress is occupied and the intensity of lighting required by Section 1008.2.1 is not provided by means of natural light.
1.   Occupancies in Group U.
2.   Aisle accessways in Group A.
3.   Dwelling units and sleeping units in Groups R.
4.   Sleeping units of Group I occupancies.”
2.   Revise the exception to Section 1008.2.1 to read:
Exception: For auditoriums, theaters, concert or opera halls, galleries and similar assembly occupancies, the illumination at the walking surface is permitted to be reduced during performances or exhibits to not less than 0.1 footcandle (1 lux) at the walking surface, provided that the required illumination is automatically restored upon failure of normal power or activation of the premises’ fire alarm system.”
3.   Delete Section 1008.2.3.
4.   Revise Sections 1008.3.1, 1008.3.2, and 1008.3.3 by replacing “power supply failure” with “normal power supply failure.”
5.   Revise item 2 in Section 1008.3.3 to read:
“Rooms or spaces containing fire command centers.”
6.   Revise Section 1008.3.4 to read:
1008.3.4 Operation.
The emergency power system shall be in accordance with Article 700 of the Chicago Electrical Code.”