Ch. 2-4   Mayor
   Ch. 2-8   City Council and Wards of the City
   Ch. 2-12   City Clerk
   Ch. 2-14   Department of Administrative Hearings
   Ch. 2-16   Animal Care and Control
   Ch. 2-20   Department of Aviation
   Ch. 2-21   Reserved
   Ch. 2-22   Department of Buildings
   Ch. 2-23   Reserved
   Ch. 2-24   Reserved
   Ch. 2-25   Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
   Ch. 2-26   Reserved
   Ch. 2-28   Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
   Ch. 2-29   Office of Emergency Management and Communications
   Ch. 2-30   Multiagency Regulation of Implosions
   Ch. 2-31   Department of the Environment
   Ch. 2-32   Department of Finance
   Ch. 2-36   Fire Department
   Ch. 2-38   Reserved
   Ch. 2-40   Citywide Language Access to Ensure the Effective Delivery of City Services
   Ch. 2-44   Department of Housing
   Ch. 2-45   Department of Planning and Development
   Ch. 2-48   Reserved
   Ch. 2-50   Department of Family and Support Services
   Ch. 2-51   Department of Fleet and Facility Management
   Ch. 2-52   Reserved
   Ch. 2-53   City Council Office of Financial Analysis
   Ch. 2-55   Reserved
   Ch. 2-56   Office of Inspector General
   Ch. 2-57   Reserved
   Ch. 2-60   Department of Law
   Ch. 2-64   Municipal Libraries
   Ch. 2-68   Department of Technology and Innovation
   Ch. 2-70   Reserved
   Ch. 2-72   Reserved
   Ch. 2-74   Department of Human Resources
   Ch. 2-76   Reserved
   Ch. 2-78   Civilian Office of Police Accountability
   Ch. 2-80   Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability
   Ch. 2-84   Department of Police
   Ch. 2-92   Department of Procurement Services
   Ch. 2-96   Office of Public Safety Administration
   Ch. 2-100   Department of Streets and Sanitation
   Ch. 2-102   Department of Transportation
   Ch. 2-106   Department of Water Management
   Ch. 2-108   Reserved
   Ch. 2-112   Department of Public Health
   Ch. 2-116   Zoning and Examination Boards
   Ch. 2-120   Commissioners and Commissions
   Ch. 2-124   Community Development Commission
   Ch. 2-132   Reserved
   Ch. 2-140   Public Building Commission
   Ch. 2-148   Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity
   Ch. 2-150   Reserved
   Ch. 2-151   Empowerment Zone / Enterprise Community Coordinating Council
   Ch. 2-152   Officers and Employees
   Ch. 2-154   Disclosure of Ownership Interest in Entities
   Ch. 2-156   Governmental Ethics
   Ch. 2-157   Large Lot Program
   Ch. 2-158   Sale of Surplus Land
   Ch. 2-159   Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program
   Ch. 2-160   Reserved
   Ch. 2-164   Privatization – Transparency, Accountability and Performance
   Ch. 2-165   Debt Transactions – Transparency, Accountability and Performance
   Ch. 2-168   Chicago Fair Labor Practices
   Ch. 2-172   Reserved
   Ch. 2-173   Welcoming City Ordinance
   Ch. 2-176   Municipal Identification Card
   Ch. 2-178   Prohibition on Participation in Registry Programs