General Provisions
   154.01   Title
   154.02   Effect of chapter
   154.03   Jurisdiction
   154.04   Interpretation
   154.05   Definitions
   154.06   Effect on existing plats and site plans
   154.07   Prohibition of subdivision
   154.08   Prohibition of development
   154.09   Offerings or dedications; plan of future development
   154.10   Variances
   154.11   Enforcement
   154.12   Amendments
   154.13   Resubdivision of land
   154.14   Vacation of plats
   154.15   Publication
   154.16   Municipal utility and street extensions
   154.17   Street extensions
Procedure for Approval
   154.20   Pre-application procedure
   154.21   Preliminary plat or preliminary site plan
   154.22   Final plat or final site plan
   154.23   Standards for review of plats and site plans
   154.24   Final site plan approval for commercial and industrial lots
Design Standards
   154.30   Conformance to applicable rules and regulations
   154.31   Streets and alleys
   154.32   Easements
   154.33   Blocks
   154.34   Lots
   154.35   Building setback lines
   154.36   Construction roads
Required Land Improvements
   154.45   Statement certifying improvements
   154.46   Monuments and markers
   154.47   Street improvements
   154.48   Utilities
   154.49   Public utilities
   154.50   Sidewalks
   154.51   Landscaping
   154.52   Driveways
   154.53   Traffic-control devices
Engineering Specifications
   154.60   Standards
   154.61   Sewers
   154.62   [Reserved]
   154.63   Water supply
   154.64   Trench backfill
   154.65   Street improvements
   154.66   Alleys
   154.67   Sidewalks
   154.68   Street lighting improvements
Streets and Public Improvements
   154.75   Completion of improvements
   154.76   Inspection and construction review
   154.77   Acceptance of streets and improvements
Dedication of Lands
   154.85   Dedication of park lands and school sites required; payment of fees in lieu thereof; formula
   154.86   Density
   154.87   Reservation of additional land for public purposes
   154.88   Combination with adjoining development
   154.89   Topography and grading
   154.90   Improved sites
   154.91   Prerequisite to annexation agreement
   154.92   Time of payment
   154.93   Method of payment
   154.94   Indemnification; hold harmless and release
   154.95   [Reserved]
   154.96   Accounting of funds
   154.97   Periodic review
   154.98   Violations
   154.99   Penalty
   Appendix A: Certification Forms for Final Plat
   Appendix B: Table of Minimum Standards for Street Design
   Appendix C: Curb and gutter section
   Appendix D: School site and park site fees
   Appendix E: Sanitary Sewer Material Standards and Specifications
   Appendix F: Storm Sewer Material Standards and Specifications
   Appendix G: Water Supply Material Standards and Specifications
   Appendix H: Curb and Gutter Material Standards and Specifications
   Appendix I: Street Light Material Standards and Specifications