General Provisions
   153.01   Purpose
   153.02   Definitions
   153.03   Interpretation of chapter
   153.04   Disclaimer of liability
   153.05   Abrogation and greater restrictions
Enforcement and Administration
   153.15   Duties of enforcement officials
   153.16   Determining flood plain designation
   153.17   Review by engineer
   153.18   Dam safety requirements
   153.19   Additional permits
   153.20   Plan review and issuance of permit
   153.21   Inspection review
   153.22   Elevation and flood proofing certificates
   153.23   Records for public inspection
   153.24   State permits
   153.25   Cooperation with other agencies
   153.26   Promulgation of regulations
Base Flood Elevation
   153.35   Designation of base flood elevation
Occupation and Use of Flood Fringe Areas
   153.45   When occupation and use permitted
   153.46   Development permit required
   153.47   Application for permit
   153.48   Preventing increased damages
Occupation and Use of Identified Floodways
   153.55   Regulatory floodways
   153.56   Development permit requested
   153.57   Application for permit
   153.58   Preventing increased damages; appropriate uses
   153.59   Construction requirements and regulations for appropriate uses
   153.60   State review
   153.61   Other permits
   153.62   Dam safety permits
   153.63   Activities that do not require engineer's review
Occupation and Use of SFHA Areas Where Floodways Are Not Identified
   153.70   When occupation and use permitted
   153.71   Development permit required
   153.72   Application for permit
   153.73   Comparison to base flood elevation
   153.74   Preventing increased damages
   153.75   Standards for riverine SFHA where floodway has not been determined
   153.76   Compensatory storage
Permit Requirements Applicable to All Flood Plain Areas
   153.85   Applicability
   153.86   Public health standards
   153.87   Carrying capacity and notification
   153.88   Protecting buildings
Additional Development Requirements; Variances
   153.95   Additional development requirements
   153.96   Variances
   153.98   Violation
   153.99   Penalty