General Provisions
   152.001   Findings and purpose
   152.002   Scope
   152.003   Definitions
   152.004   Reports by employees of fire and police departments
   152.005   Application of state building code
   152.006   Approval of rules and regulations
   152.007   Frame structures in fire district; restrictions
Minimum Standards for Dwellings or Dwelling Units
   152.020   Compliance required
   152.021   Structural conditions
   152.022   Basic equipment and facilities
   152.023   Light and ventilation
   152.024   Electrical systems
   152.025   Space and use
   152.026   Sanitation
Residential Construction; Technical Guidelines
   152.040   General requirements
   152.041   Piles required
   152.042   Floor system
   152.043   Other exterior construction
   152.044   Walls
   152.045   Roofs
   152.046   Wood to masonry
Technical Minimum Standards For All Buildings
   152.060   Structural standards
   152.061   Plumbing standards
   152.062   Heating standards
   152.063   Electrical standards
   152.064   Commercial property
Rooming Houses and Units
   152.075   Compliance required
   152.076   Registration, permits, and inspection
   152.077   Permit required
   152.078   Water closet, lavatory, and bath facilities
   152.079   Water heater required
   152.080   Minimum floor area for sleeping purposes
   152.081   Exit requirement
   152.082   Sanitary conditions
   152.083   Smoke detectors
   152.084   Violations
Access System and Structures
   152.095   Permit required; application
   152.096   Applications to be accompanied by agreement
   152.097   Removable or permanent structures
   152.098   Stairs, ramps, or walkways
   152.099   Extension of structures
   152.100   Structures located eastwardly to be removed when owner notified by town
   152.101   Removable units and structures; specifications
   152.102   Electrical circuits; water or sewer lines and fixtures
   152.103   Display of name and address on rail of removable structure
   152.104   Suggested sketches and structural systems to be provided for construction by owner
Sand Dunes
   152.115   Short title
   152.116   Purpose
   152.117   Exemptions
   152.118   Damaging sand dunes prohibited
   152.119   Shore line protection officers
   152.120   Permits affecting sand dunes
   152.121   Appeals procedure
   152.122   Inspection and permit fees
Unsafe Buildings
   152.135   Residential buildings unfit for human habitation
   152.136   Unsafe dilapidated buildings
Administration and Enforcement
   152.150   Housing inspector; powers
   152.151   Inspections; right of entry
   152.152   Abatement; hearings
   152.153   Service of order; contents
   152.154   Methods of service of complaints or orders
   152.155   Enforcement procedure
   152.156   Right of appeal
   152.157   Lien on premises; contract for repairs
   152.158   Alternative remedies
   152.159   Conflict with other provisions
   152.999   Penalty
   Appendix:    Forms