General Provisions
   94.01   Fire Prevention Code adopted by reference; definitions
   94.02   Modifications to Fire Prevention Code
   94.03   Permit required for brush fires
   94.04   Fireworks prohibited; requirements for public displays
   94.05   Sand dikes prohibited
   94.06   Storing oil drums near buildings
   94.07   Rubbish accumulations constituting fire hazard
Fire Extinguishers
   94.20   Definitions
   94.21   Purpose of regulations
   94.22   Administration; powers and duties of the Fire Department
   94.23   Purpose of portable fire extinguishers
   94.24   Certain standards deemed to be minimum regulations
   94.25   Testing and filling
   94.26   Approval of extinguishers prerequisite to sale or lease
   94.27   Physical distribution requirements
   94.28   Persons who may service fire extinguishers; identification cards
   94.29   Tags to be affixed to serviced units
   94.30   Exceptions to provisions
   94.31   Prohibited acts
   94.32   Authority of Fire Department as to licenses, permits and certificates
   94.33   Annual report of firms servicing fire extinguishers
   94.34   Record of licensees, permittees and registrants to be kept by Fire Department
   94.35   Grounds for refusal to issue or renew, suspension and revocation
   94.36   Restoration after suspension or revocation
   94.37   Certificates of registration for firms servicing fire extinguishers
   94.38   Licenses for persons servicing fire extinguishers
   94.39   Permits for apprentices servicing fire extinguishers
   94.40   Hydrostatic testing certificates
Administration and Enforcement
   94.50   Enforcement of chapter
   94.51   Bureau of Fire Prevention; Fire Marshal
   94.52   Reports
   94.53   Board of Appeals; appeals
   94.54   Licenses issued by Fire Marshal
   94.99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Power of Board of Aldermen related to fire protection, see Charter § 3A-2(g)
   Fire Department, see Charter §§ 6C-6 and 7D-2