(A)   The administration of this subchapter is vested in the Fire Department, which shall have the power to issue the proper rules and regulations to administer this subchapter.
(1967 Code, § 7-18)
   (B)   The Fire Department shall exercise, subject to the provisions of the enabling act, the following functions, powers and duties:
      (1)   To formulate and administer such rules and regulations as it may determine necessary for the protection and preservation of life and property in controlling:
         (a)   The registration of firms engaging in the business of servicing portable fire extinguishers;
         (b)   The registration of firms engaged in the business of hydrostatically testing Interstate Commerce Commission specification gas cylinders used for fire extinguishers;
         (c)   The examination of persons applying for a license to service portable fire extinguishers;
         (d)   The licensing of persons to service portable fire extinguishers;
         (e)   The requirements for servicing of portable fire extinguishers; and
         (f)   The requirements for physical distribution of portable fire extinguishers.
      (2)   Evaluate the qualifications of firms or individuals for a certificate of registration to engage in the business of servicing portable fire extinguishers;
      (3)   Conduct examinations to ascertain the qualifications and fitness of applicants for a license to service portable fire extinguishers;
      (4)   Issue certificates of registration for those firms that qualify under this subchapter to engage in the business of servicing portable fire extinguishers, and issue licenses, apprentice permits and hydrostatic testing certificates to persons who qualify to service portable fire extinguishers; and
      (5)   To require at least annual servicing of portable fire extinguishers.
   (C)   In adopting such regulations, the Fire Department shall consider as evidence of generally accepted safety standards the latest editions of National Fire Protection Association Standard No. 10 (USASI Z112.1) and Recommended Good Practice No. 10A, and the Methods for Hydrostatic Testing of Compressed Gas Cylinders, published by the Compressed Gas Association, Inc.
   (D)   In exercising the functions and duties of this subchapter, the Fire Department may appoint a Fire Extinguisher Advisory Council composed of persons who are experienced and knowledgeable in and about the business of the fire services, fire extinguisher manufacturing, fire insurance inspection and underwriting, and fire extinguisher servicing or who are members of a fire protection association or an industrial safety association.
(1967 Code, § 7-20)  (Ord. passed 2-3-1969)