11.4.20. DEFINITIONS – S
Salvageable/Transplantable Plant
   A plant rated as viable that also has a good likelihood of surviving and adapting to a new location if dug up and replanted.
Scenic Route
   Any route designated as a Scenic Route in the .
   An barrier designed and constructed to areas used for storage, refuse, mechanical equipment, parking, or delivery service loading from and public view or to buffer .
Search Area
   As applied to wireless communication standards, the limited area within a where an can be placed that will provide satisfactory communications service within that .
Seriously Mentally Ill
   One as defined in A.R.S. § 36-550. The determination is to be made by an individual qualified in the State of Arizona to make such evaluation.
Service Area
   As applied to wireless communication standards, the geographical area where satisfactory communications service can be provided by the placement of a specific .
Service Bay
   A specific location on a reserved for servicing a motor vehicle. Such location can be within an or can be a designated area located outside a .
Service Radius Distance
   Service radius distance is a measurable distance that is measured from a public facility (such as a park, fire station, police station, school, and related facilities) outward toward that fall within the facility’s .
Service Units
   Vehicle-miles of travel and equivalent .
   The distance from a set point and is frequently used interchangeably with the term “ .” Setbacks may also pertain to drainage-related or other setbacks.
Short-Term Bicycle Parking Facility
   A facility which provides a stationary object to which the operator can lock the frame and both wheels with a user provided U-shaped lock or a cable and lock.
   A constructed meeting, at a minimum, the specifications for construction listed in this code or the Technical Manual.
Sidewalk Area
   That portion of a between the curb line or the lateral line of a and the , whether identified on the ground as a pedestrian walkway or not.
Sign (7A)
   Every advertising message, announcement, declaration, display, illustration, insignia, surface or space erected or maintained in a location outside any building and visible to the public for identification, advertising or promotion of the interest of any person, entity, product or service.
Sign Copy (7A)
Any words, letters, numbers, figures, designs, or other symbolic representations incorporated onto the face of a sign.
   The land area consisting of a portion of a , an entire , or , not including public property, designated for as a single entity.
Site Area
   The land area of a .
Site Coverage
   The area of an overall , inclusive of individual , covered by such as , storage areas, and . See Section 6.4.3, and Coverage, for the types of included and not included in the coverage calculation. coverage, instead of , is used when calculating coverage limits for Flexible Lot Developments.
Site Plan
   A drawing of a that provides detailed information that shows how a proposed will be developed in compliance with regulations and other applicable regulations as required by outside review agencies involved in review.
Site Utilization
   The spacing between the sides of .
   An inclined ground surface the inclination of which is expressed as a ratio of horizontal distance to vertical distance.
Slope Plan
   A plan that demonstrates the feasibility of complying with the standards and and standards, and further depicts the location, extent, and treatment of all and .
Solar Access
   Access to sunlight to protect active or passive from shadows blocking exposure to the sun during hours of high insolation, from 9:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. local time.
Solar Energy System
   Either or some combination of (1) a design using natural and architectural features to cool or heat a or (2) a mechanical assembly that may include a solar collector, storage facility, and any other components needed to cool or heat a .
Specific Plan
   A detailed policy plan or regulation that implements the or any of the elements of that Plan. include subregional, area, and neighborhood plans; the ; the ; and any other similar plan.
Specified Anatomical Areas
   Either the less than completely and opaquely covered human genitals, pubic region, buttock, anus, or female breasts below a point immediately above the top of the areola; or human male genitals in a discernibly turgid state, even if completely and opaquely covered.
Specified Sexual Activities
Include the following:
•   Human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal;
•   Acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse, or sodomy; or,
•   Fondling or other erotic touching of human genitals, pubic region, buttocks, anus, or female breasts.
Square Foot
   The area of a square with sides of one foot in length.
Stacking Space
   An area designed to accommodate vehicles waiting in line to receive a service.
   Design principles, criteria, and specifications that describe the manner in which and related are accomplished in order to obtain approval.
   Same as the State of Arizona.
Status Offender
   A youth of juvenile court age who is under the jurisdiction of a court for offenses that are unlawful for children but not unlawful for adults. It is the status of childhood that allows children to be status offenders.
   Any permanent public or private , other than an , , or , set aside to accommodate vehicular , , bike lanes, pedestrian facilities, utility areas, and other such design features, whether designated as a , drive, highway, thoroughfare, road, boulevard, avenue, lane, or place.
Street Landscape Border
   An area along the of a containing , screening, and , the purpose of which is to enhance the visual appearance of the streetscape.
Street Lot Line
   The bounding a .
Street Perimeter Line
   Same as .
Street Yard
   The yard between a and a .
Strip Easement
   A utility easement running parallel with, and , a .
   A physical element constructed or erected with a fixed location on the ground or attached to another physical element having a fixed location at, below, or above grade. Structures include such elements as, but are not limited to, , paved areas, walls, fences, posts, and patios.
Structure Height
   The vertical dimension of a measured from a specified point on the ground. For information on applying a height standards, refer to Section 6.4.4, Height.
Stub Streets
   Dead-end that are planned to be continued along the same alignment in a future .
   A   or other legal entity that files an application and initiates proceedings for the of land in accordance with the provisions of this Article or any other local applicable ordinance or statute, except that an individual serving as agent for such a or other legal entity is not a subdivider. When applicable, the developer may be required to assume responsibility of the subdivider.
   Any division of land, improved or unimproved, for the purpose of financing, sales, or lease, whether immediate or future, in one of four ways:
   A.   Any property whose boundaries are not fixed by a recorded which is divided into four or more , , or of land;
   B.   Any property that requires the of a new , which is divided into two or more , , or of land;
   C.   Any property whose boundaries are fixed by a recorded , which is divided into more than two parts; or
   D.   Any , cooperative, community apartment, townhouse, or similar containing four or more , in which an undivided interest in the land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any unit located thereon, but of such need not show the or the manner in which the or airspace above the property shown on the are to be divided.
Subdivision Improvements
    include all for the specific , common areas, and and other needed for the individual created by the . also include the recording of full legal entitlements necessary for the functioning of the such as easements, dedications or other binding legal documents. on newly platted are generally not considered part of the assurable , unless determined by special conditions of the .
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