A-frame sign (7A)
   A type of portable sign.
Abandoned (7A)
   A sign structure that has ceased to be used to display or support a sign and regarding which the owner has manifested an intention to permanently cease the use of the sign structure.
   A process whereby easement interests are terminated by a legally recorded document.
Use, Abandonment of
   The relinquishment of a property, or the cessation of a use or activity by the owner or tenant for a period of six months, excluding temporary or short term interruptions for the purpose of remodeling, maintaining, or otherwise improving or rearranging a facility. A use is deemed abandoned when the use is suspended as evidenced by the cessation of activities or conditions that constitute the of the property.
   Having a common boundary. or having only a common corner are not considered abutting.
Access Easement
    to a provided over some other through an area for such perpetual use.
Access Lane
   The area within a serving as a or the area providing access to a property. Unlike the , the Access Lane does not provide direct to individual parking spaces.
Access Point Sign (7A)
   An on-site sign located at or near the access point or other wayfinding location.
Accessory Use or Structure
   A use or a subordinate to the or on a and serving a purpose customarily to the use of the principal . An accessory use or structure must be established or built together with or after the establishment or construction of the or .
   An area equal to 43,560 square feet.
   Two or more or sharing a common boundary or separated by an or other 20 feet or less in width. or having only a common corner are considered adjacent. Within the Infill Incentive , Optional Zoning Sub-Districts, Areas and Sub-Areas, the term "adjacent" or "adjacency" means:
   A.   Two or more or sharing a common boundary or separated by an or a or 30 feet or less in width. or having only a common corner are also considered adjacent.
   B.   Where the parcel is an interior , adjacent includes all residential or on either side of the , those fronting on the same in the same as the , and all those on the opposite side of that (See Figure, "Interior ");
   C.   Where the is a corner , the term "adjacent" includes all the residential corner or diagonally opposite the , fronting on the same two in the same , and on the opposite sides of those as shown in the diagram below (See Figure, "Corner ");
   D.   Where the is adjacent to an HPZ, the term "adjacent" includes all across the and diagonally across from the .
   Same as .
Adjudicated Delinquent
   A youth who has been found by a judge in juvenile court to have committed a of the criminal law, that is, a delinquent act.
AICUZ Report (1992)
   A report prepared by the Department of the Air Force that evaluated and summarized the aircraft operations at U.S. Air Force Bases with respect to the effects of noise and accident hazards, entitled Air Installation Use (AICUZ).
   Any area of land designed and set for the landing and taking off of aircraft.
Airport Hazard
   Any , use of land, or tree within the Environs (AEZ) that obstructs the space required for flight of aircraft in taking off and landing at an or is otherwise hazardous to aircraft taking off or landing. Examples of hazards include, but are not limited to, uses that:
•   Create interference with aircraft navigation by obstructing the use of radio and other navigational aids, such as generators, motors, or artificial lighting devices which create excessive static.
•   Obstruct the visibility of aircraft through atmospheric emissions or cause glare to flyers through direct or indirect illumination, such as from incinerators, rock crushers, smelters, lights which resemble a layout or the color of a landing area, search lights, or flash-type advertising signs.
•   Cause any other danger or hazard to the safety of aircraft taking off or landing, such as , poles, smokestacks, advertising balloons, aboveground bulk storage of petroleum products, landfills, or fireworks manufacturing.
   An used solely by the owner of the property, accommodating and ultralight aircraft.
Airport Hazard District
   A specifically designated area of land where uses that constitute hazards to operations are prohibited and heights are limited.
Alcoholic Beverage
   Alcohol, brandy, whiskey, rum, tequila, mescal, gin, wine, porter, ale, beer and malt liquor, malt beverage, absinthe or compound or mixture of any of them, or of any of them with any other substance, alcohol bitters, bitters containing alcohol, and any liquid mixture of preparation, whether patented or otherwise, which produces intoxication, fruits preserved in ardent spirits, or beverages containing more than 0.5% of alcohol by volume.
   Alleys are public ways used for the placement of , refuse collection, or similar public services, and under certain circumstances as provided in the , access to individual properties.
Alter (7A)
   To change, modify or vary an existing sign structure without constructing a totally new sign structure.
   Any aesthetic, architectural, mechanical, or structural change to the exterior surface of any part of an existing .
Amenities, Project
   Aesthetic or other characteristics of a that increase its desirability to a community or its marketability to the public. Project amenities include, but are not limited to, , natural undisturbed areas, , common areas, and recreation facilities.
Anatomical Areas
   Same as .
    Noise Control and Study, a document adopted by the City of Tucson and Pima County in 1982 that reviewed noise abatement measures in effect or proposed to be implemented by Tucson International . The Study also established policies for for properties to the Tucson International .
   Any , reptile, insect, amphibian or mammal, except human beings.
Animal, Food Producing
    such as , such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, and other similar small food producing . Dogs, cats, pigeons, other non-food producing , and fish are not considered food producing for the purposes of applying the standards in the UDC.
Animal Shelter
   A structure that covers or reasonably protects an from the weather and predators, such as a chicken coop. An run area is intended to allow an to move about freely. It may be connected to a shelter and must be enclosed. The enclosed run area is not subject to location requirements.
Animal Unit
   A unit of measurement to calculate a maximum number of on a property.
   One or more panels, rods, reflecting disks, or similar devices used for the transmission or reception of radio frequency signals.
   Same as Multifamily .
Appearance of Record
   Means either: 1) An oral statement made at a hearing which identifies the making the statement or made by the ’s representative; or 2) A written statement giving the name and address of the providing the statement and signed by the or representative.
Approach Departure Corridor One (ADC-1)
   A specifically designated area located within 12,000 feet from the northwest end of the runways at Davis Monthan Air Force Base where is susceptible to a degree of risk of aircraft accident potential.
Approach Departure Corridor Two (ADC-2)
   A specifically designated area located from 1,2001 to 30,000 feet from the southeastern end of runways at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where is susceptible to a degree of risk of aircraft accident potential.
Approach Departure Corridor Three (ADC-3)
   A specifically designated area located from 30,001 to 50,200 feet at the southeastern end of runways at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where is susceptible to a degree of risk of aircraft accident potential, less than in the ADC-1or ADC-2 .
   A system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water. Aquaponics is conducted in a constructed, automatic re-circulating system.
Archaeological Site
   A historic or prehistoric , location, or area containing material remains of human activity and life which include artifacts, monuments, or other cultural remains.
   A having an M.A. or Ph.D. in anthropology or an allied field and at least one year of training or employment in an archaeological field or laboratory research. Any study conducted by or endorsed by such an archaeologist satisfies the Code of Ethics and Standards of Performance of the Society of Professional Archaeologists.
Arizona Nursery Association Standards (ANA)
   Standards for plant material size and planting guidelines prepared and published by the Growers Committee of Arizona Nursery Association.
Arterial Road System
   Arterial roads identified on the that are the responsibility of the City of Tucson or that are designated in accordance with Section 23A-84(14).
Arterial Street
   A identified as an arterial or Interstate Route on the .
   One who practices an art or one trained to manual dexterity or skill in a trade.
Artists Studio/Residence Area
   The area delineated by the map below.
Artist Studio/Residence Area
Assurable Infrastructure
    for which may be required include, but are not limited to, curbs, accessible ramps, pavement, aprons, , survey monuments, storm drainage, all weather access, flood control, hazard control, utility to the (water, sewer, electric, natural gas, communication cables), fire prevention systems, signage, other private or public and in or common areas required to be constructed, and other common elements as required by this code and other pertinent codes, or actions required to be completed by /developer, at no cost to the .
   A legally binding and enforceable instrument ensuring the construction of all required by a . may be in the form of third land trusts, or monetary sureties such as performance bonds, funds, letters of credit, or such other security as are acceptable to the .
Attached Canopy (7A)
   A roof-like structure that provides shade and/or ornamentation, projecting from and attached to a building wall below the highest point of the top of parapet, and supported in whole or in part by the building.
Attached Sign (7A)
   A sign that is fastened, connected or supported in whole or in part by a building or structure other than a sign structure that is supported wholly by the ground.
Average Daily Traffic (ADT)
   The total traffic for a calendar year divided by number of in a year (365).
Average Finished Grade
   The mean average elevation of ground after preparation, measured five feet from a at five-foot intervals. If the is closer than five feet from the , then the measurement is taken from the .
Average Cross-Slope
   The of the topographic configuration of land, graphically represented by contour lines, prior to any or other disturbance.
Awning (7A)
   A durable or fabric structure, attached to and supported in part or in whole by a building, which provides shade to the entries, windows, and walls of the building.
Awning Sign (7A)
   A sign constructed of cloth, plastic or metal and permanently affixed to a structure and intended to provide shade.
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